How You Can Help…

  • Donate your time to help loading and moving timbers
  • Participate in an on-site lumber milling day at Waters Farm
  • Support the Buy-a-Board, Build-a-Barn fundraiser, which you can do by credit card or check (see below).

Nathan’s Barn Project

The original 40’x60′ New England style barn, built by Nathan Waters around 1840, was lost 100 years later during the Hurricane of 1938.  At that time, Walter Waters, owned the property and used it as a summer home.  The only animals on premises were 2 calves and 1 horse.

The replacement building, built around 1940 by Sidney Hutchinson, was a barn/garage combination of more modest size, constructed atop the granite walls and foundation stones quarried on site.  It was necessary to raze the building in recent years, saving the granite slabs and an original barn beam.

Waters Farm was approached by David Stevenson of D M Stevenson Housewright, to save and preserve the Chrobak Barn, located in West Sutton, a few miles from the Farm. Stevenson had previously moved the Darling Barn from Darling Lane in the Village of Manchaug and reconstructed it at Waters Farm.

The beautiful New England style barn from the Chrobak property is strikingly similar to the original Nathan’s Barn.  Believed to be constructed around 1860, the building was a good candidate to be moved.