The History of Water’s Farm

The story of Waters Farm is one that dates back over 250 years to 1757. It is a story of a family with simple beginnings who went on through many generations to do great things.

Stephen Waters constructed the main house at Waters Farm in 1757. Two additions were added in the early 1800’s. Electricity came to the house in 1930, and then the first telephone was installed in 1935. Family history indicates that the house has never been any other color then red. The Sutton Beauty Apple was created here, and the farm is believed to be the site of the first commercial apple production in the country.

This wonderful house has seen the birth of 27 people and the passing of 20. It has witnessed joy and sadness, life and death. Within the walls is the story of how the prosperity of one family progressed over 230 years and six generations. The Waters family help shaped our community and the country, by serving as legislators,inventors, shop keepers,farmers and historians.

With wisdom, and generosity the last heir, Dorothea Waters Moran, envisioned more for this house than she alone could provide…a living, breathing, vibrant, motivational, educational, inspirational, destination for generations to come.

In 1974, Dorothea Waters Moran conveyed to the Town of Sutton for stewardship her ancestral home including contents and records.

This is truly a rare view of early American life in a wonderful house that will be kept intact for future generations.